A PSA: recreation vs. re-creation

Recreation is a thing you do for fun. Re-creation is the act of making something again. Internet? FIGURE THAT OUT, PLEASE.

The Beginning of the End, or, Our Hurricane Sandy Time Line

I used Facebook to keep friends and family updated when Hurricane Sandy hit New York City in October 2012, and then continued in the aftermath. These are the posts, with additional links to photos I posted on Flickr after the fact.

Heather+Mike Conquer New York ComicCon!

Cosplaying Finn and Fionna from Adventure Time!

Two Years!

Two years ago today, Heather and Mike became Heather+Mike! Here’s to many wonderful moments together and many more anniversaries to come!

Just One Shade of Grey

I’m Heather, I’m 32 years old, and according to my stylist, my hair is more than 40 percent grey. I’m growing it out.


You may have noticed that a little web ad now appears in our sidebar. This is a widget from the site Panthera.org, whose mission is “to ensure the future of wild cats through scientific leadership and global conservation action.” Heather and I care a lot about animals—endangered or otherwise—and big cats are a particular passion […]

Welcome to Heather+Mike!

Hooray! It’s the first official post on Heather+Mike, the official blog of Heather and Mike Young!

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