Merry Mix: a better way to Chex Mix

My family makes this savory snack mix every winter. It’s perfect for parties, there’s no measuring, and it can be made for gluten-free eaters with a couple simple modifications. Bonus: no half-used bags of Wheat Chex!

Boiled Cider (a.k.a. Apple Cider Molasses, Cider Syrup, Bottled Autumn)

One ingredient, one pot, and a few hours are all it takes to stock the most amazing natural syrup (a sweetener, a topping, a baking ingredient, a glaze, a beverage concentrate) in your refrigerator for an entire year. Give boiled cider a try now while fresh cider is still plentiful!

Chicken Piccata

This is a recipe I knew before I met Heather and, had she not been a strict vegetarian at the time, one that I no doubt would have made to woo her. It’s delicious, impressive, and very easy to prepare. If you make this for the lady or gentleman of your fancy, it could very […]

Ginger Ale: Now with Real Ginger

I like the burn. I like a ginger ale that doesn’t just politely ring your doorbell but instead bashes in your front door, shakes the rain off its coat, and leaves muddy footprints in the entryway. This is a soda I know I can bro down with—not just a delicately flavored vehicle for sugar and empty calories, but a soda that feels like a full-bodied treat, loaded with nuance and spice.

Finger Lime Curd: Quite Literally Bursting with Citrus Flavor

Finger limes: The best, weirdest little fruit you’ve probably never had.

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