Chicken Piccata

This is a recipe I knew before I met Heather and, had she not been a strict vegetarian at the time, one that I no doubt would have made to woo her. It’s delicious, impressive, and very easy to prepare. If you make this for the lady or gentleman of your fancy, it could very […]

Penne with Two Tomatoes & Mozzarella

So, listen. Heather will probably post some recipes on this site that require dedication, skill, and a certain amount of culinary prowess. Hers will be the recipes of a woman who practically grew up in the kitchen. One who, taught by a master cook, constantly challenges her palate and her skill set, always combining fresh […]

Thai(ish) Turkey Burgers with Quickle

One summer, I worked with a young Ukrainian man named Alex. On a rainy campout, he tried to convince a camper to peel the potatoes for our stew. Alex had grown up near Chernobyl and, in his experience, the peel held radiation. Our relationships with food from the ground were very, very different. Let’s explore yours.

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